Zero Hour Show – Special Programme of News Nation

Zero Hour Show

Zero Hour Show

Zero hour is a discussion based program of News Nation channel, devoted to the political, controversial and main news of the day. Talking to a group of influential people, critics, social activists, politicians and public, show comes out with views and actual picture of the related issue.

In the show, our representatives and opposition leaders are brought face to face. Some questions and suggestions sent in by the viewers via e-mail and other social networking sites are also taken up during this half-an-hour show. Tune in to News Nation channel at 8 pm from Monday to Friday for the show and come across the latest and burning issues in politics, entertainment, sports or administration.
In recent shows based on politics, discussions focused on the upcoming Lok Sabha elections, how the political parties are fighting it out for Muslim votes and are trying hard to woo the minorties.
In another show former Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal had to face criticism after accusing the media of being “sold out” and Arvind Kejriwal also threatened to send media people to jail after an inquiry into the issue if AAP comes to power.
The much coveted issue of a common man dinner with Arvind Kejriwal costing “Rs 20,000 per person” was also discussed where AAP has claimed it was a transparent way of raising money.
Apart from the political discussions the issue of growing urbanisation was put up when a leopard which strayed into the city spreading fear among people and prompting authorities to sound a high alert and order closure of schools, colleges and market.
Zero hour surely is a show for the people aired not only to inform them about the happening around them but also to show them the actual picture and get their views in regard.


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